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2-in-1 Combo Cable (Injection connector)



* Support charge and Sync 
* Support all Apple devices with lightning and Micro-USB devices
* Support 2.4A fast charge 
*2-in-1 Combo function cable 
*Color: Black/White
*Material: PVC



2-in-1 design, compatible with all micro USB and lightning 8 pin device.
Charging and syncing cable for apple & android devices.
Apple MFi certified.
The MFi cable through drop test, 10,000 times plug testing passed.
High-resistance insulation protects each set of wires.
Environmentally Friendly, have passed iso14001 and RoHS 2.0.
Able to suppor over 80kg.
Cables have been tested to bend 95-degrees 4,000 times.

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