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3050mAh Battery case for iPhone 7/6/6S



Product Name
Battery case for iPhone 7/6/6s


153 X 70.6 X 15.5mm


About 100g




iPhone original adaptor

Charging voltage/current


Charging time


Output voltage


Output current


Conversion Rate

about 93% (It is boosting circuit conversion rate, not the capacity conversion rate.)

Charging Performance

Over-charge protection voltage


Over-discharge protection voltage


Over-charge protection current


Short circuit protection


Indictate Performance


When charging, LED flash; when full, 4 pcs LED light

Press the button to check

Press the button to check the balance power.1 led for 25% power



30uA Power-saving mode, Self-consuming<30uA

Power-saving mode


1 Press the button for turning off to go to Power-saving mode automatically

2 After 3hours operation to Power-saving mode automatically

Cell life

≥300 times

cell type




How to use

Putting the iPhone 6 into the battery case and Pressing the button for 2 seconds to start to charge. When charging, long pressing to shut down.

1. Charge

When Using the micro USB-USB A cable to charge for battery case,Using USB A connectting with iPhone original adaptor or PC, micro usb connectting with battery case.

2. Discharge

When putting iPhone6 into the battery case, USB A connectting with iPhone original adaptor or PC, micro usb connectting with battery case. It will charge for iPhone 6 and battery case at the same time.

3. Sync from itunes

Connecting the iPhone 6 and battery case, USB A connecting with iPhone original adaptor or PC, micro usb connecting with battery case. iPhone will communicate with PC

4. Storage

If the battery has not been used (3 months or more longer),it should be stored it in a dry and cool area, protect from direct sunlight, do not press and charge it at least 60%. To extend the battery life, pls use it at least every 3 month.


If you do not read the following matters carefully, leakage, explosion and burning of the batteries may occur.

* Do not put the product into water or get it wet;

* Do not use or store the the product near a heat source (such as fire or heaters);

* Do not bump, throw or expose the product to mechanical shock;

* Do not decompose the battery in the product by any means;

* Do not charge the product near a fire or extremely hot conditions.

* Do not use the battery if it is in abnormal conditions such as peculiar smell, heating, deformation, discolouration or other abnormalities;

* Please move the batteries away from the open flame if they are leaking or giving off peculiar smell;

* The electrolyte leaked may cause fire hazards or explosion.

* If the electrolyte of a leaked battery invades your eyes, avoid wiping your eyes, instead, use water to wash your eyes, and immediately resort to medical help; untimely treatment may result in harm to your eyes.


* Avoid using the battery in extremely hot environments, for example, within a vehicles exposed to direct sunshine or hot weather. Otherwise, the battery may ignite due to over heating, which may have a negative impact on the battery’s performance and service life.

* If children are supposed to use the battery, teach them according to the manual’s instructions, and keep a close eye on them, so that they can use it in a correct manner.

* When electrolyte of a leaked battery contaminates the skin or clothes, please immediately use flowing water to wash the affected area, which may otherwise lead to skin inflammation.

* Read the manual carefully, so as to install and uninstall the battery in a correct manner.

* Never dispose of the battery case in dustbin, pls bring used batteries to your local battery recycling center.

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