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Credit Card-Size Power Bank BossaCredit Card-Size Power Bank Bossa
Credit Card-Size Power Bank Bossa 1Credit Card-Size Power Bank Bossa 1
Credit Card-Size Power Bank Bosa 2Credit Card-Size Power Bank Bosa 2
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Credit Card-Size Power Bank


Bossa credit card size power bank is a super slim power bank only from Le Touch. It's so compact that it can be put into your wallet. And it's with built-in micro USB cable, so you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere. 

Capacity :             800mAh
Input:                     Micro-USB 5V/1A max 
Output :                 USB 5V/800mA max 
Battery type:         Lithium Polymer
Accessories:       USB charging cable 
Fitness for use:   Smart phones
Charging time:    1-2 Hours
Dimensions:       92 x 62 x 4.9mm
Weight :                20g
Packing:              OEM
Colors:                 White/Black
Certification:        CE/FCC/RoHS

LEDs to show the power level: Blue and Yellow


Use a MICRO USB cable connect the battery and PC, then the LEDs light show blinking, about 1-2 hours, the battery full of power, then the LEDs are off.


Connect your mobile, push the power button, the LEDs light will blink. It's about to charge Samsung Galaxy SIII to 30%.

Advanced Battery Technology
Hi-tech, A-grade thium polymer battery that can recycling for more than 500times. Built in overcharge, short circuit and temperature protection. No memory effect. Charge your device smartly.

Battery Status Indicator
To check the power level of the battery case, just push the button and the LEDs will indicate the status clearly.

Power On/Off
Auto power on/off, very low standby current.

Reliable Quality
We only use A-grade battery cells. We use Seiko chipset to manage the power. All product come from our ISO9001 certified factory. Every piece of product are through functioning test and burn-in test to ensure quality. We prepare spare parts for distributors to ensure customer satisfaction.


 Le Touch which is one of the leaders of computer and consumer electronics peripherals, offers an extensive range of innovations designed to give computer and consumer electronics users seamless integration in their homes, cars, and lives on the go. Our factory is ISO9001 certified. We are proud to have a complete quality system in place. We have advance functional testers and burn-in test facility to ensure every piece product meeting your quality requirement. Our core values are fast-respond to market, high quality, and excellent services in competitive price.