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Lifeproof Power BankLifeproof Power Bank
Lifeproof Power Bank-1Lifeproof Power Bank-1
Lifeproof Power Bank-2Lifeproof Power Bank-2
Lifeproof Power Bank-3Lifeproof Power Bank-3
Lifeproof Power Bank-4Lifeproof Power Bank-4
Lifeproof Power Bank-5Lifeproof Power Bank-5
Lifeproof Power Bank-6Lifeproof Power Bank-6
Lifeproof Power Bank-7Lifeproof Power Bank-7
Lifeproof Power Bank-9Lifeproof Power Bank-9

Lifeproof Power Bank



1, Water proof, dust proof, shock proof, best for outdoor activities
2, Super high 9000mAh capacity, one power bank for whole week usage.
3,  Reasonable price



1. Water proof, dust proof, shock proof
2. 9000mAh, 3 Samsung cells
3. Flash light
4. SOS flash signal
5. USB output for all USB-powered devices
6. 1A output
7. Size: 115 * 88 * 29mm
8. Weight : 260g

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